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Zhuo Tang (Shanghai) Power Equipment Co., Ltd. since its establishment, is committed to the field of micro-hydraulic system technology research and development, manufacturing, domestic and international market sales and technical services. We have efficient management, technical team and sophisticated production technology, uphold the "meet and exceed the higher requirements of customers," the company philosophy, is working to serve our customers at home and abroad. Home | About us | Products | In order to meet the needs of customers in various industries, we continue to improve product technology, improve product quality, control product costs, tap production efficiency, with a view to achieving higher customer satisfaction and market recognition ...

We use Solidworks and other design software into the whole three-dimensional line product design, and can provide 3D product design drawings for customers to confirm. Micro hydraulic system is a new subdivision of hydraulic field. Its design idea, method and many design details are different from conventional hydraulic system. So our technical team will use all kinds of hydraulic technology experience to innovate. Of the product structure design, is continuing efforts ...

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